Hey Wilds!

As you may have noticed I am dropping back from one time readings and solidly committing to building out my online school, collective business platform, and apprenticeship program. I have however decided that I do want to continue to invest in about 6-8 ongoing clients as they develop their shadow work practice, deepen into their personal craft, and heal their ancestral wounds. If you are interested in this sort of ongoing work this is the option for you...

The Program

This is an 8-month program (total $888) commitment spread out over 8 monthly payments of $111.

Here is what you will get: 

  • 1 - 90 minute reading (typically $150) Check into your chart and shamanic pathworking session
  • 7 - 60 minute readings (typically $100/60min) to continue your work in the various ways your guides, ancestors, and soul path are calling you.
  • Personal guidance in seeking out your ancestral lineage and pathworking the directions as well as developing your own personal craft and soul seeking work.  

Some of the things you will learn and receive in the mentorship sessions:

  • Build personal connection and possibly relationship with your ancestors and guides.
  • Locate your natural spiritual gifts and begin to harness them
  • Find your spiritual path and develop your own craft

We will also implement these tools as well:

  • Shamanic ancestral path working personal to you and your path
  • Psychic Development & Shielding practices 
  • Shadow Work practices and Integration strategies 
  • Pranayama Breath Work
  • Ongoing craft mentorship 
  • Personal altar crafting 
  • Energy Raising rituals 
  • Release rituals
  • Self divination work

In addition to the on-going personal mentorship, you will also get the following through Patreon and your personal monthly work. 

  •  Access to All The Wild Hearts Coven Membership $33/month worth of information
  •  Moon Letters: Bi-weekly newsletter about astrological transits and rituals
  •  Monthly Full Moon Live Webinar Online Gathering
  •  WEEKLY Mystic Musings Extended Readings
  •  Weekly Astrological posts encouraging mindfulness and conscious self-growth.

Here is what you can expect:

Intense and personal on-going personal mentorship to direct you towards your highest potential and clear direction, as well as deep-seated healing and ritual craft building practices. 

Meet 1x a month (TUE- FRI) and leave with a month's worth of work to complete before the next meeting.

Here is what you'll need:

  • Previous natal chart reading with me (Golden Shadow Session)
  • A decent understanding of your ancestry (names of your 4 grandparents and an idea of their ancestral lineage) 
  • Tarot/oracle cards
  • Book of Shadows (your own book to record experience in)
  • Journal
  • Cauldron or something to burn things in
  • Candle
  • Incense
  • At least 3-4 hours a month to invest into this work
  • The book Ancestral Medicine and Soul Craft
  • A willingness to get weird.  
To secure your spot, click here:
patreon.com/laurenwilde an join under Sacred Hierophant Monthly Membership for $111 a month/8 month commitment

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. 

Stay Wild, Beloved,
Lauren Wilde