Hello Wild One,

I am thrilled to have you here checking out my work. I am so grateful to be on this journey we call life with you as we weave both the mystic and mundane into our experiences.

​I work with people from all spiritual paths and walks of life, there I work very hard to create lots of clarification, boundaries, and security for both my clients and myself when I work.

I am an Estoteric/Archetypal Astrologer and practice Transpersonal and Evolutionary based Astrology and Tarot. In essence, this means I am not a fortune teller, nor do I strive to be one. I tend to think of myself more as like an energetic weather girl.. my focus is not on predicting your future, but instead to read the energy of your chart and cards, then propose wise tools and practical steps to move forward.

As a shadow worker, that might also mean we have to go backwards to name the stories that try to claim our futures... but it's never meant to stay in the old or the fear. Instead, we work together to name it and heal it to move forward with confidence and grace.​

You can find me online via ZOOM, my main form of connection, from my home office lovingly named Mystic Manor for scheduled private practice services.

Should you want more specifics or a clearer read on who I am and what I'm about, please check out the content in the About Me Tab especially the Astrology/Tarot and Yoga pages.

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