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PROGRAM UPDATE: Closed for the 2021-2022 year. Seats for the 2022-2023 year will open at Mabon (9/21/2021) with a paid deposit.


A one-year program for wild-hearted warriors that are ready to be equipped with wild and embodied medicinal tools for the Age of Aquarius. Year one of the apprenticeship program focuses on the FOUNDATIONS OF AQUARIAN ALCHEMY. This offering is for those that are serious about building their own unique craft and personal practices. 

Students will receive the following during this one-year offering:

  • 12 months of training, teaching, coaching, and support
  • One year of online access to the Wilde Hearts Coven (normally $33/month)
  • Access to a library of educational teachings
  • New moon & full moon transit reports based on your natal chart
  • One 60 minute check-in per quarter with Lauren to discuss personal questions & progress
  • One in-person retreat (transportation and food not included)
  • Constant magick as you develop your own personal craft/sadhana.
  • Certification of Apprenticeship with Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School
  • Complete program material available to download and/or print
  • Coven & personal support from your teacher, Lauren Wilde

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Be known as a graduate of the Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School
  • Be known as a Wilde Alchemy circle facilitation leader
  • Have the opportunity to enroll in my Witch School Foundations program which specializes in the teaching of others as well as your personal practice/business offering.


  • TWO options for payment of tuition
    • Non-refundable tuition of $3,900 due upon acceptance into the program
    • $555 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the program plus 12 payments of $325 each due on the 28th of each month beginning 4/28/2021 and ending 3/28/2022. The total investment is $4,455. Please keep in mind that you are committing to the full cost of the program even if you do not finish the full year. Students that opt-in to the monthly payment plan must read and sign the PAYMENT PLAN TERMS.
  • Purchase of two recommended books per quarter
  • Purchase of a book of shadows & cast iron cauldron
  • Purchase one set of tarot and one set of oracle cards
  • Twice monthly online gatherings at the new moon and full moon portals (3hrs each)
  • One in-person 3-day retreat/immersion (cost included)
  • Optional addition of 3-day retreats/immersions held 2-4 times a year* offered during major pagan holidays** (cost not included)
  • Coven-based homework with a partner during the weeks where there are no live webinar conferences.
  • All students must present their Wild Dharma Project by the end of the year. This is the vision of the sacred work that you want to take into the world to bring about change.

* In-person gatherings are dependent upon the ever-evolving global pandemic situation
**Additional retreats/immersions will be held in a variety of locations to see the needs of wilds across the country


  • Internet access
  • Access software/apps such as Zoom and Mighty Networks
  • Access to a podcast app


The current 2021-2022 Apprenticeship class is full.

CLICK HERE to fill out the application to be considered for our 2022-2023 program.

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