“This offering was perfection for me. Lauren is one of the bravest, fiercest women I know and her talents ooze from her- sweet like honey. Yum. Lauren is a teacher who truly cares. She always shares from the heart space and gives to the student as much as the student can take.
Transformative Teaching.”
Renee - Yellow Springs, OH

“Lauren is magnetic! Her work is sacred and soul-opening. I feel blessed to have experienced it. She makes you feel like the God/Goddess that you truly are!”
Lindsey B - Boston, Mass

“Lauren is a gorgeously intricate and insightful human. Her teachings feel grounded, steadfast, confident, and purposeful. She pulls together so many elements & weave them seamlessly together. Its inspiring- her magic is potent. I sit in awe at her wisdom and ignited by her fire. I am thankful for her gifts of vulnerability and rawness.”
Christy- Orlando, FL

“The forgiveness practice Lauren created was incredibly helpful for me personally. The way she was able to dynamically and quickly hold space, execute the ritual, and carry the group through it was out of this world. I worked through so many years of dead weight in a matter of minutes and possibly healed a huge muddled emotional block. The somatic awareness was so helpful.
You must meet Lauren- she is pure magic.”
Kim, Cincinnati

“Lauren follows her instincts to take us into the healing and releasing realm. She is skilled at guiding our practice and healing.”
Marie, Yellow Springs, OH

“Lauren is a pioneer in Shadow Work and integration. She is a fearless leader and encouraging space holder, enabling her students to dig in and ground into all aspects of their truth. I am grateful to know the taste of her medicine.”
Sam Spychella— Dayton, OH

“Lauren has cultivated within her a depth of knowledge and understanding that shines into the hearts of her students. A class with her is one that climbs into the depths of your greatest needs.”
Renee— Yellow Springs, OH

“Lauren’s deeply personal practices will leave you face to face with your inner being giving you a sense of healing and peace”

I am so grateful for everything Lauren does and shares. Truly an inspiration. Every time i think of Lauren’s fiery brown eyes challenging my inner goddess to RISE- GOOSEBUMPS”
-Steph — Vancouver, WA

“Lauren is a powerful space-holder. A priestess of healing with tools for everybody. Her grasp on healing is deep and steadfast. She creates spaces to be seen, felt, and for long held emotional, psychological, and spiritual ailments to be released and transmuted. Bow of gratitude”